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    The Wikia

    March 31, 2017 by Nialler1

    Hi, my name is Niall or 'Player4', Graphictoria Wikia admin and today I'm gonna be discussing the Wikia.

    First, let me discuss the changes that have been made.

    • User pages have mostly been eradicated, due to either being too short or generally pointless.
    • We've added an original game page, 'GTown ' which you can check out - it represents the content we want on the Wikia quite well.

    As you can see, not a lot of changes. That's because we've been in a drought of ideas and require more and more, we also want to promote original games and the like for pages. We also really want to work on Tutorials, but that's for another time. I'd just like to use this blog post to say - please contribute and add original pages (follow the guidelines) and we'd rea…

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