TheLivingBee is a user of Graphictoria who currently resides on an account called TheLivingBee2, although he formerly just used his "TheLivingBee" account. His "TheLivingBee" account got terminated on February 25th, 2017 after it got hacked and the hacker started posting inappropriate jokes with racial/homophobic slurs on the forums.

TheLivingBee was unbanned on June 5th, 2017.


A screenshot of some of the threads the hacker posted on TheLivingBee's account. Wikia/Fandom staff, keep in mind, the hacker was joking.

TheLivingBee also runs a YouTube channel with 380+ subscribers where he uploads Roblox videos and machinimas, and he also runs a popular twitter account with 700+ followers where he posts memes and updates and such.

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