SpaceInJourney was a user of Graphictoria. He joined during GT1[citation needed]. In February of 2017, his account got hacked. The hacker posted racist and vulgar threads on the forums on his account, getting the account terminated. However, he kept playing on his alt, Cool.Person.

But, because he was mad about his account's dickination and the community's immaturity, he eventually quit permanently, with hate for the project. He currently wishes that Graphictoria won't return. now that it's been shut down.

The Return Edit

On 27th June of 2017, SpaceInJourney decided to give Graphictoria last chance. He returned under the name SpaceGamer209.

Trivia Edit

  • He loves C++.
  • His favourite CoD mode is Zombies.
  • Somebody once told him the world is gonna roll him.