Sheriff (also known as ReDZBUX, RBUXH4XX, RcDZ, or just ReDZ) is a Graphictoria user who made RBLX 2007, a famous old roblox simulation place on Roblox from 2016. He is also one of the oldest Graphictoria users, with ID 3. He got terminated on Graphictoria for doing alt + 255 once in-game while everyone was also spamming it. For reference, alt + 255 is a character that can mess up the chat in old Roblox, displaying random characters all over the screens of people in the same server as somebody who puts alt + 255 in their chat message. (May have caused Sc0veGT's ban when he was spamming TAB).[citation needed] He got unbanned in GT3 and returned a lot later. He became quite active, but on 4/12/2017, Sheriff quit for unknown/person reasons, announced on this General Discussion thread made by him, which was locked soon after it was made (most likely by EnergyCell) for unknown reasons.

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