Who is Sc0veGT? Edit

Sc0veGT is a user on Graphictoria. He was a server host. He stopped hosting near Graphictoria's shutdown.

Aftter the shutdown. Edit

He went back to ROBLOX. He is highly active on his account Sc0veRBX.

Messages. Edit

Message From Quessem1, I Just saw this Wikipedia and I am so happy that you Put my picture There, Also How did you Even Know my youtube channel? Thank you for the Wikipedia for my good Friend Sc0veGT I love him so much Message By Quessem1

Trivia Edit

• While in a game with someone who was spamming ALT + 255, he started to spam TAB for fun and was banned for spamming ALT + 255 from a misunderstanding.[citation needed] This was during Graphictoria Two.[citation needed]

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