Who is Reznov877? Edit

Reznov877 is a Graphictoria Reddit moderator who hosts GT servers and is very differential. He can usually be found roaming the forums, playing a game, or hosting one. He has a few people he looks up to on GT and the GT discord.

Reznov877's ID is 7651, he joined on the 15th of November 2016 and has over 250 forum post at the moment. He joined during GT2 and got to witness the release of the 2011 client.

He joined ROBLOX mid-2012 as "shockingreznov", which was hacked late 2012. He then made an account early-2013 called "Reznov877" and that has been his account ever since.

He was promoted to Reddit Moderator on 3/19/17.

Later he was then promoted to Site Moderator on 4/14/17.