Raymonf is an inactive Graphictoria user.

He is the founder and owner of one of the first and the longest running old ROBLOX revival project - RBLXDev (later RBLXHue, and currently Nobelium). Ray used to be a moderator during the GT2 days, but departed after Whimee left. He holds the ID number of 486. He later became a moderator for the GT discord again during GT3, but eventually left after Nobelium vs GT/EnergyCell vs Raymonf drama went down. However, he eventually came back to the discord, but was only a normal user with no special roles.

Raymonf zucc

Raymonf on Nobelium/RBLXDev

He is known for having a long-held dislike towards EnergyCell, going on record as to say he never liked him.

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