Introduction Edit

Pants are user-created character items that can be purchased in the Catalog. Like Shirts, these are a clothing item that can be made publically for a creation fee 5 coins, and can be bought for more or less of that price.

Pants page

Visual of the Pants page in the catalog.

Creating Pants Edit

Creating pants is the same process as creating a shirt, it is done by using the shirt/pants template currently found at the bottom of this article, and editing it in any visual editing software such as, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

After creating the design desired, uploading the pants is done by going to the "Upload" section in the catalog drop-down and then choosing your file, name, description, and by clicking the "Type" selection at the bottom, and selecting "Pants". This will take 5 coins as a creation fee. After the process is finished, you will receive a private message saying that your item is currently in approval. Once approved, your item will appear in the Catalog and you will receive a private message saying that your item has been approved.


The official pants template.

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