Mimic was a user on Graphictoria who joined January 22, 2017. Mimic is known for his outrage of plead, that is to insert a shoe as a hat in the catalog. This was known as #mimicsshoe when being petitioned on the forums, discord, etc.


On February 4th, 2017 he became part of the Graphictoria Wiki Moderation Team (external services team member).

Some time in February-March of 2017, Mimic left Discord and left GT, and stopped using the internet as much as he used to. BUT NOW HE IS BACK ALL. He recently left due to real life stuff such as preparing for college, (even though he sounds 10 he is actually 17), and job situations.

Other than that, he aspires to be an engineer working in programs such as AutoCad, AutoDesk Inventor, Arduino, and Blender, and RobotC.

Here are some creations he has made in Blender:


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