The Graphictoria logo changed very often back in the day while the staff searched for the perfect logo.

Graphictoria 1 Edit

Graphictoria 1, Graphictoria 2, Graphictoria 3 and Graphictoria 4 are the codenames given to the periods of time between the shutdowns of the website. Graphictoria 1 lasted between March 28th, 2016 to July 21st, 2016. This was the earliest version of the website, and March 28th, 2016 marks the founding of graphictoria.

The first few logos were very simplistic and lacked detail.


Graphictoria's first logo. The logo used on-site. It was very primitive.

GT1 Graphictoria

Graphictoria's first logo. The full logo used on external services like the Skype group and the blog.

Graphictoria 2 Edit

Graphictoria 2 started on August 22nd, 2016 and ended on November 21st, 2016 (ellie's birthday) because Xander has a inability to handle criticism and wants to kill himself

The first few iterations of the logo were created by Whimee here, and Xander chose his two favorite.

GT2 Graphictoria 1

Graphictoria 2's logo by whimee. The full logo used on the site until Whimee's departure.


Graphictoria 2's logo by Whimee. The condensed logo.


When Whimee left the team, a new logo was quickly created to replace the old one. Using Kmaheynoway's ROBLOX font and graphictoria fan logo, Plausibly added some pizzazz to his logo and produced the image below:

Logo (1)

Graphictoria 2's logo created by Kmaheynoway and Plausibly. It was used up until the shutdown of Graphictoria 2.


This was the homepage logo for Graphictoria 2. It included notable members of the GT 2 community and an old Roblox stylized name. It was created by Plausibly and Kmaheynoway.

Graphictoria 3 Edit

Graphictoria 3 started on January 9th 2017 and ended April 16th 2017. Xander wanted to be lazy and delete MalwareBytes from anyone who downloaded Graphictoria....KYS

Gaphictoria3 awesome

Graphictoria 3's logo. Kmaheynoway's logo


Graphictoria 3's first condensed logo. Created by Whimee

The site then used a white version of the above logo for a period of time, while Whimee recreated the original G for use in the applicable places.

During this time, Vitawrap was introduced to the staff team. His skills were instantly recognized, and he made a multitude of hats for the catalog. He made a logo for the Coins one day for fun, and it was implemented as a logo for the website soon after. It is now Graphictoria's current logo.


Graphictoria 3's condensed logo by Vitawrap. The currently used logo.

Graphictoria Front Banner

Graphictoria 3's actual banner, released on Graphictoria's Discord Server, but not in website.

After the release of logo, days later, an intro/outro has made by Kenko and released on Graphictoria's Discord, with you can view it here.