Who is he? Edit

Legodude50 is the creator of the Crappy Graphictoria Series, a youtube series featuring various occurrences across Graphictoria. He has also created a group for the series, which can be found here.

The Graphictoria Shutdown of April Edit

An Easter special was released on 4/16/17 because the video was ready for upload. This video could have been the last in the series due to Graphictoria shutting down on 4/15/17. Legodude50 had some spare footage that helped him made the Finale which is on his channel to this day.

When Graphictoria Comes Back during the Summer of 2017 Edit

Since Graphictoria is back, The Crappy Graphictoria Videos will have more parts.

THE END of Graphictoria Edit

After a war between GT and Finobe. LD50 renamed his crappy series to A Crappy Fracasotoria Video which uses multiple old roblox emulators like Finobe, RBXLegacy, and more.

As of nowEdit

He comes back to this wastleland to see what's going on.