hider is an odd user to say the least... She's most noted for practically running the coding forum. If there is an in depth question, hider has an in depth answer. Additionally hider has released several coding based servers that were commonly thought of as 'impossible', and are notoriously hard to exploit. Among them "Physics Playground", "Organized Building", "Localized Building", and "TimeManipulation Playground". On the forums, hider will post two types of threads, the first being incredibly in depth (usually revolving around coding), and the other being complete nonsence.

Fun facts: Edit

hider was the first known user to successfully have ROBLOX music running in the background of her games in GT4

hider's name is actually to be pronounced "hi der" as a play on "hi there". It has no correlation to hiding.

People often report hider of sending random users odd messages about gibbrish

hider claims she can "speak to studs" and have them do her bidding

hider once threw a popular party in a game she created, in which simulated an endless loading screen as well as a fake chat system to make it look like everyone was having a great time. The server was named "hider fest" and was closed later that day without notice.