The 2016 Halloween Event was a Graphictoria event taking place on Halloween. The event was organised by Whimee and was hosted by a few trusted hosts. The map was an old map from the 2008 ROBLOX Halloween Event called "Yorick's Resting Place". The player had to avoid touching poisonous water, push objects, locate things by sound and solve riddles in order to complete the map. The reward for completing the event was a Darkseed pumpkin. Originally after beating the puzzles the player had to send a message to the account "Events" with a code that was visible on a wall in the winner room. However, that didn't happen as on the last day the method was changed so the player would have to type the code they obtained on a special site.

Criticism Edit

The event was met with a very negative backlash from the community. Players criticized the event for being barely playable and shared pictures of all the players stuck in the spawn area in giant player towers where nobody could move. The fact that Whimee only gave the map to a few people and resisted to give it to less popular hosts didn't help. Whimee said that he only had less than a day to think of an event, that's why it sucked. However, the worst was about to come. As stated earlier, the method of obtaining the darkseed was changed literally last minute. This met with an outrageous amount of hate from the userbase. Because the players had only a few hours to input the code and most of the userbase was either in school or sleeping, most of them didn't get their rewards. Even after the event was done and the rewards given out, people who were unfairly left out never received their darkseeds.

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