GtoriaGate is the verifcation bot on the Graphictoria Discord that automatically verifies users before they can chat in any of the Discord channels.

GtoriaGate was coded in JavaScript, running under the Node.JS Runtime. It was first developed on January 17th, 2017, being finished 2 days later. The whole bot was developed by Storm (Sto), a Discord moderator & developer for Graphictoria.

Verification Process Edit


The GtoriaGate bot showing instructions for verification.

The verification process that GtoriaGate uses involves the user first typing "+verify", with the user's ID on Graphictoria following after it.

Then, the user would be told to paste the verification code on their profile bio. After that was done, the user would type "/vfinish". The user would receive the "Verified" role, and have access to the main channels of the Discord.

How To Get Verified Edit

So, let's say that you just joined the Discord. You can't do anything. Then you are told that you have to verify yourself. For example purposes, let's say your user ID on Graphictoria is 10127.

To find your ID, you need to go to your profile page on Graphictoria, and in the URL you should see a number following the URL.

Gtoriagate instructions-0

A user's ID is located at the end of the URL. This number identifies who you are on Graphictoria.

After that, you will be given a code that you will need to display on your profile, this can be done by clicking on your settings in Graphictoria, and pasting it in the About Me section.

About me

Pasting the verification code onto your profile will tell the bot that "hey, this guy is me!" Once the verification is finished or canceled, the code is instantly invalidated.

Click Save, and return back to the Discord #verification channel. Type "/vfinish", and you should be able to chat in all channels of the Graphictoria Discord.

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