Graphictoria Reborn [Now Finobe (or Finobelium) is a revival project created and managed by the team behind 'Nobelium', Graphictoria's former rival community and enemy.

Information Edit

Graphictoria Reborn is mostly built on the Nobelium site, and on similar clients. This means it could be regarded as a 'public' version of Nobelium. The site features staff from Graphictoria, including Player4, as well as the Nobelium staff - and Raymonf himself. Graphictoria Reborn also features no custom assets, meaning there will be ROBLOX hats and such.

Getting In Edit

The community operates almost semi-privately, in a way, being not that open to the public. There are rumours the clients will be shared from one member to another for legal reasons, meaning acquiring a client may be difficult for newer players. This is yet to be confirmed fully, however. Edit