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Graphictoria is a nostalgia driven project made and maintained by EnergyCell. Graphictoria's website is able to be found at

History Edit

GT1 Edit

Graphictoria was created in summer of 2016 after EnergyCell's poop departure from RBLXDev. It wasn't popular, having only 200 members. Later on, it closed its doors.

GT2 Edit

Graphictoria came back later in 2016 and was a huge success, having around 10000 users. It had clients from 2008 up to 2011, all working with hats, t-shirts and more. Graphictoria was closed after EnergyCell received a DMCA complaint from ROBLOX Corporation.

GT3 Edit

Graphictoria came back on 9th of January 2017 and was stripped from every ROBLOX asset. These assets were replaced with custom made ones. Later on, it closed it's doors

GT4.1/2/3 Edit

With exploits becoming more common, GT4 was released. This fixed most exploits, but with this came crashes. GT4.1 fixed main crashes, GT4.2 tried to fix other crashes, and GT4.3 finally fixed these crashes. GT shortly shut down after the release of GT4.3.

However, on June 3rd, 2017, it returned with the same GT4 version before shutdown.

This Restoration has been made by Gott#6766, stop grieifng this page.

Features Edit

Forum - Standard forums with lots of sub forums.

Games - Places users can host and play.

Catalog - A place to buy hats, upload shirts, t-shirts, pants, decals and even upload your own!

Groups - Work in 50%, users can join, create and see them on their profiles but there is no browser for it yet.

Coins - The main currency. Users get 15 a day and they can use them to buy clothing.