The current forum layout.

The forum is a section of the Graphictoria Website where members can communicate and discuss certain topics with other members. It has 3 sections and 19 sub-forums. It used to show how many people are online, how many users there are, and how many were online in the last 24 hours. You can still view all currently-online users at this page, however, which you can get to from the Users search page:

Unlike most other online forums, on the Graphictoria forums, replies are sorted by newest-first. The very first reply ever made to a thread is always displayed at the bottom of the thread, for instance.

An account must be a day old before it is allowed to post on the forums. This change is made to slow the traffic of spam on the forums.

The number of characters you can use in a post is currently 30000, and at the top of each post/reply is the date the post/reply was made.

Threads can appear as Locked, meaning you are not able to reply to the original post unless unlocked. They can also be "pinned", meaning they appear at the top of the current threads forever unless removed, while a pin icon is displayed next to the thread name.

As of February 6th, 2017, there is now a forum filter that changes some swear words into "****" symbols. In addition, as of an unknown date in April, the forum has another filter that stops you from posting threads/replies entirely if it contains "filtered words" (it just displays a red error message that says something along the lines of "Post cannot contain filtered words" if your post has a "filtered word" or multiple "filtered words") - these filtered words are currently unknown.

The current rules for all of the forums can be found here, it's advised reading this before posting.