Error_404 Edit

A User with 400 Forum Posts. A Good friend of buff_orpington

He started Graphictoria on June 14 Although, When he joined he thought it was a Rip-off of roblox so he quit immediatly. He soon came back after finding out it was just an old simulator, Hitting 400 Posts in a month and Probably one of the most active forumers out there

Myth Hunting Edit

Error_404 is also a Good Myth Hunter, He made his own group called

Graphictorian Myth Hunters GMH The Group can still be found.

Currently they are investigating G0Z, Lezus and Obstainum.

Trivia Edit

  • Error_404 was the first buyer of the Stage Prop
  • Error_404 Made a T-Shirt In Honor of Erik Cassel
  • Error_404 Likes Memes.
  • Error_404 Has never played a Game Before on Graphictoria.