Ellie is a Graphictoria user who holds the ID of 4555, and joined on November 2nd, 2016. She first found out about Graphictoria through Twitter, the popular social media app, and when she joined she thought it was a million times better than ROBLOX, due to the old nostalgic feel. Throughout her beginnings on Graphictoria ellie supported the staff and other members on the website, hoping to make a better experience for everyone.

She is known for being an outgoing and active person, while also being down to earth and funny.

Fun Facts and Personal Life Edit

Outside of Graphictoria, ellie enjoys playing in her schools marching band as a trombone player, jazz band, and playing the piano.

She also enjoys writing, and has made a full book on Wattpad.

Moderation Edit

ellie became a global moderator for Graphictoria about a week after the site revival. She says it was unexpected and was thankful for the role at the time. During this time, she wanted to make Graphictoria more enjoyable.

On February 8th, 2017, ellie was demoted as a moderator for breaking adsense rules. She does not take this harshly, and still enjoys the community and staff members.

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