About Dingus Edit

Dingus is a Graphictoria user who joined October 10, 2016 and holds the ID of 1050. Dingus is known to be a very active forumer on Graphictoria. You may not see him in game a lot and when you do he is probably playing with a friend or doing something with his group.

[ Content Hacked ] Edit

Content hacked is group made by Dingus with very little information available on it.

Discovery of Graphictoria Edit

In September of 2016 Dingus found a video from a youtuber named Whimee explaining Graphictoria. At first Dingus ignored this but then came back to make an account.

Trivia Edit

Dingus is a moderator for the group "General Discussion", a forumer group made by edgard1.

Dingus was one of the users involved in 4/1/2017.

A user by the name of "pinecone" wrote a story about dingus.

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