Climb a tower to winners is a Graphictoria game made by Lego.

The goal of the game is to climb a tall tower to win.

History Edit

The original game was created somewhere in November 2016 after Lego watched the first episode of World of Roblox by Megaman765 and got inspired by one of the featured places in there which was a giant tower to climb. Lego originally wanted to directly copy the place but the original is impossible to find nowadays. After trying to recreate it Lego realised that it would be easier to just take the Doomspire and make it taller. The first version was just a tall Doomspire with the winner area being a few couches and a dance tool giver. This version is available to download and host from the map sharing subforum.

Climb big tower 1

The original tower climb

Version 2 Edit

In late March 2017 Lego thought of improving the place by making the Doomspire so high it was barely achievable in the original client, adding a proper winner area with planes, more interesting givers and a teleport to a rocket arena.

Climb big tower 2

Version 2.0

Tower climb win

Winner area in the second version

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