Buff_orpington Edit

Buff_orpington is a Graphictoria user with more than 5k Posts. He is also no.1 in the Top 15 Posters list.

Youtube Channel Edit

Buff owns a youtube channel with more than 2K Subscribers. His Posts are mostly cartoons He also once made a Graphictoria Trailer. Encouraging others to visit Graphictoria

Quit Prank Edit

Buff announced on a Post saying he will be quitting Graphictoria forever and will be moving on with his life, The Post hit more than 100 Replies in a few minutes. 1 Hour later he announced that He wasnt quitting graphictoria and it was just a Prank.


Buff Hit 5k Posts in about a Month. Buff is the most active Forumer currently Before Buff was the most active Bae was No.1 and had more than 3K Posts.

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