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[META] I'm now a moderator of discussions!

I'm P4ris - hi!

I'll try to be active here, clean up spam, help people, etc.

Ask me anything!
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Are you really happy with being here? This place is really overlooked, man.
@Nialler1 - It's better than nothing. I did actually want to be MORE than a discussions moderator on this wiki, but fixylol could only make me either a discussions moderator, a chat moderator, or both. I went with discussions moderator.

I don't consider it "overlooked" - it's just that some mods think this place is pointless. It's such a small and basic part of this wiki, and I felt like it could use some promotion (I made a blog post about the discussions, a twitter post about me becoming a discussions moderator, and even made a post on the GT forums about the discussions, all to give this place some love). It could be a good alternative to the main GT forums. As an external services moderator, I want to do as much as I can.
@ParisAndStuff - Awesome! I'm glad you can turn even bleak feeling situations into at least something plausible.
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